Seven years ago, a group of parents, business owners, school personnel, public safety
representatives, community leaders, and students came together to form the Ludlow CARES
Coalition. Those that volunteer are a critical part of this grass roots effort in our community.
Because of these volunteers, CARES continues to grow strong.

On behalf of the CARES Advisory Board, THANK YOU to well over 100 student and adult volunteers, along with town departments and businesses, for all your hard work to bring messages of awareness, compassion and community to LUDLOW.  With each CARES event, the genuine caring that comes from each encounter is heartwarming - please take some time to see all the pictures on Facebook, the Ludlow Public Schools website, the Register website, and the CARES website to see all that has happened in 2018.  We have heard so many stories and heard so many wonderful comments, and we are often asked, “How can we create this in our town?  The key is to gather people who truly care about your community and trust those around them to care as well; then work together and watch what can happen!

Our next CARES meeting is on Wednesday, January 2nd, at the Baird Middle School Library. All
Ludlow community members, including high school students, are welcome to attend as we
begin planning for 2019!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and a healthy New Year ~ 
The Ludlow CARES Coalition Advisory Board

Thank You 

* If your organization has an upcoming event that you would like to showcase; CARES will review and post the event  via our website and social media outlets (using our discretion).