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The Ludlow CARES Committee members are comprised of parents, students, business owners, school administrators, teachers, local elected officials, town employees, physicians, members from our community civic and religious organizations and Ludlow Police

and Fire Department officers.  
We encourage anyone from the community to become involved.  ​

The Ludlow CARES Coalition is a community run organization addressing issues relating to our community, our youth, our residents and our businesses.  

CARES is a diverse community-wide organization united in providing opportunities to create a healthy environment that allows our youth to be successful.  

​We post our events, community activities and information that we feel is worthy of sharing within our community.  

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Advisory Board Members 

​​Cindy Miller 
Diana Roy 
Laura Rooney 
Maxine Mazur 
William Rooney

Peter Leonczyk

Sandy Auclair

Melissa Dion

Ben Bovee 

Joel Freitas 

Estelle Gomulka

Patricia Gregoire 

Ron Hokanson 

Derek Debarge 

Student Advisory Board Members: 

Juliet Ribeiro 

Genna Miccoli 


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   About Ludlow CARES Members 

Executive Board Members - 

Laura Rooney - President 

Cindy Miller - Vice President

Maxine Mazur - Treasurer

​ Diana Roy - Secretary